About US

Ideal Institute of Science & Technology(IIST) affiliated by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) in 1999 as a private polytechnic Institute in one technology named Computer Technology. In fact, at that time there was a huge demand for that technology in our country. At first, the diploma engineering course duration was three years. After that, the duration of those courses becomes four years from the year 2000. From the year 2002 here added Electrical and Civil Technolgy and from the year 2005 Txtile diploma engineering courses affiliated by BTEB. Phase by phase here added more emerging courses like Electronics, architecture, Telecommunication, Graphic Design, and Tourism & Hospitality.
According to the demand for various short courses, IIST started that type of various 360-hour short courses, affiliated by BTEB.
IIST also established modern conceptual Competency Based Training (CBT) under BTEB & NSDA from 2017 and 2021 respectively.
Side by side IIST successfully completed various projects as a partner with Suddokhha and Skills 21.
IIST born to gear up a new horizon in the era of the digital and multimedia world. Our goal is to save money and time by utilizing our resources. IIST is committed to rendering prime knowledge and having the best service in an estimated time. It’s that establishment where innovation and creation are rewarded. Our well-equipped lab and certified well-experienced instructors are highly eligible to provide you with outstanding creative knowledge and skills to maintain the appropriate measurements which may give you an extraordinary job what are you really waiting for?